Winter is coming, Winter is coming

When the snow hits, snowmobiling adventures can be a fun outdoor sport. There are all kinds of snowmobiling destinations. In New York State you would go to the Adirondacks in the upper part of the State. The Adirondack towns and villages offer interconnected trails, lodging and restaurants which cater to the sledding community.
Discover the best terrain in the Tughill Plateau, or go through the 500 miles of trails that wind around the St Lawrence Region. ATV and snowmobile riders can easily find secluded trails, dining and vacation packages that exclusively cater to sledders visiting the Adirondacks. This area is a snowmobiling destination that simply cannot be matched.
If you do not have your own snowmobile, there are always places you can rent them. Most of the time where you would lodge or at the area you would be going to have some fun. Each State has their own places to go, I would like to list a few in the Great United States.

New York State Snowmobiling

There are 380 miles of scenic snowmobiling trails in the Allegany County’s general rolling hills, pastures and state lands that are safe and well-marked. There is a Federation of Snowmobiler’s and it’s member clubs. They are around to provide safe, well-marked, and groomed trails throughout the Allegany County for your riding enjoyment. There are many fine restaurants throughout the trail system for you to enjoy as well as places for overnight stays.
The trails open the day after muzzle load deer season ends and closes April 1st. All they ask is to stay on the designated trails and respect the landowners properties. Their generosity is what makes the trails possible. Ride safely and be aware groomers can be on the trail any time day or night.
A second place in NYS would be the Tug Hill Plateau Trails. There are thousands of acres of public land for everyone to Snowmobile, Snowshoe, Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, Biking, ATV Riding, Fishing, Hunting, Camping and more. This place has the best Snowmobiling with more than 600 miles of groomed trails. The lake is off the east end of Lake Ontario to guarantee the earliest and best riding around the area.

Sullivan County Catskills, Skiing and Winter Sports

If you don’t want to travel that far, the Catskills have all kinds of trails that can be had. You have Berryville, Hotel Vienna and the Andes Hotel. All are about 2 to 2 1/2 hours from the City.
Have a great time in Berryville, on skis, snowshoes, toboggans and sleds. Go downhill, cross-country and back-country trekking. When you are done, warm up with their winter hospitality, festivals and carnivals.
Hotel Vienna, Windham NY
Explore all the best snowmobile trails around the Catskills while staying at the Hotel Vienna, in Windham, NY. Take guided tours with one of the operators in the area or head out on your own to enjoy the mountain and lake scenery that Upstate NY has to offer. All the popular trails are maintained and welcome riders throughout the season.
For all the younger generation, they have a kids snowmobile park in the winter just down the road at Windham Mountain. This is the perfect spot for them to practice their skills on an oval track before moving on to a wilderness ride. Find out more info at
For rentals and guides in the area take a look at Rip Van Winkle Ranch or Hunter Snowmobile Rentals. Maps of trails throughout the state can be found at

Andes Hotel, Andes NY

Only 3 hours outside of NYC in northwestern Catskill. The Andes Hotel and restaurant is a great destination for an affordable weekend getaway. Just minutes away from the best local skiing, hiking, kayaking and fishing in the region. This happens to have been built in 1850 and is a quaint place to enjoy all the winter sports or just hang around the Tavern. If you get hungry, you always have the fresh farm food in their sandwiches and snacks or their dinner menu.
If feeling tired from a hard day at play, just walk out the back door to one of the 10 newly renovated motel rooms to rest up and recharge for an exciting evening or just for the next days fun.

Vermont Snowmobiling

Killington•Okemo Mountain Tour, located in Bridgewater Corners
This happens to be one of the best country luxury resort hotels in Vermont. The atmosphere they have was refined so you could have the peace of mind and comfort you well deserve. If you are seeking the delight of Vermont’s delightful outdoors, a place to hold a great function or just peace and quiet that you could retreat to, you will find it there.
From arrival to departing you will always be greeted by friendly people who will make your stay in Vermont an experience you will remember for a long time to come.
Besides skiing, they have mountain tours with snowmobiles, tobogganing or even cross-country skiing. They will fill your days with fun and great things to do. They even have a Grand Spa, or the Pico Fitness Center.
For more information call Killington Central Reservations, the Local Experts, at 1-800-621-6867.

Stowe Mountain Lodge

Skiing & Snowboarding

Stowe Mountain Lodge has the ultimate alpine experience where world travelers have been going for over a century. Having family-friendly beginner slopes to the expert black diamond runs. Just steps from your room, there are ski vacations for everyone.
For all those who are inclined to take in the winter landscaping, the area around Stowe Mountain Lodge offers an abundance of snowmobiling trails. With an experienced guide to take you through the pristine forests for breathtaking views of the mountains and streams that Vermont is famous for.
Cross Country Skiing
A wealth of trails around Stowe Mountain Lodge offer different outdoor sports like cross-country skiing. You can always find the best trail for your skill level by contacting the Spruce Peak Outfitters. Rentals and tours are also available.
They have a multitude of sports at this resort. So staying a week only would enhance your winter experiences. From Snowshoe Adventures, Ice Skating on their rink, Horseback Trail Riding, Sleigh Rides, Dog Sledding or Ice Climbing. And at night a tour of the sample wines, spirits and ciders from the historic Boyden Valley Winery. Also you can visit the local Vermont microbreweries in the area for some great beers and hard ciders.

Colorado Snowmobiling

Colorado’s high country opens up each winter to snowmobilers buzzing across trails and fields of powder in the crisp, dry, winter air. You have all kinds of family-friendly adventures in Colorado’s snowy spots, where going sledding makes a great day off the ski slopes or an excursion all it’s own. There are a lot of area’s to go where snowmobiling will give you the best scenery to see. Basically the two most popular places are Vail and Breckenridge.
The Vail Pass Winter Recreation Area is a massively popular snowmobiling and back country ski area, just east of Vail Mountain and right off I-70. Like the ski slopes nearby,  the Winter Recreation Area’s terrain is  world renowned, so skiers and snow mobilers have come up with a system for sharing the trails that gives everyone lots of room for fun in some of Colorado’s most spectacular terrain.
While having Vail’s Recreation Area you also have a popular snowmobiling area in Breckenridge. Possible perks to Breckenridge snowmobiling include unparalleled views from the Continental Divide and well-groomed trails in the White River National Forest. You also have Georgia Pass Road, a well groomed area also, which is closed to all car traffic except snowmobiles from late November to late May.
Since the pass is an 11,585 foot summit that offers a panorama view of Breckenridge, Keystone and Copper Mountain, it is the ideal place to go for a short vacation and have some fun from the busy life style we all have.
Rocky Mountain National Park
Anywhere from hiking, to the adventures of water sports, snowmobiling, skiing, fishing and more, this park is the place to go if you enjoy the outdoor life and fresh air. There are always instructors and equipment available for these outdoor activities, providing you with the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill. If you bring your own equipment, there is a secure storage option Grand Lake, Colorado cabins can provide.
There are always different packages to enjoy the outdoors with the beautiful scenery and great hospitality.

Grand Lake
The secret’s out… Grand Lake is the “Snowmobiling Capital of Colorado.”
Grand Lake, Colorado has received well-deserved, national recognition for it’s outstanding snowmobiling:
Ranked as one of the “Top 15 Destination Trails in the Nation” by Snowiest Magazine
Ranked as one of the “Top 10 Snowmobiling Areas in the United States” by America’s Best Online
Awarded “Honorable Mention as one of the Most Scenic Snowmobiling Areas” by Snow goer Magazine.
From December through April, snowmobiling enthusiasts from across Colorado and around the world come to Grand Lake, Colorado to enjoy more than 300 miles of snowmobiling trails, including 150 miles of groomed trails.
Known as the Western gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake, Colorado enjoys an annual snowfall of 185 inches. Town streets are intentionally left snow-packed so that snowmobilers can use their snowmobiles as transportation to and from lodging, dining and shopping.
At an elevation of 8,437 feet, Grand Lake, Colorado offers snowmobiling opportunities for riders of all abilities, with varied terrain to match any interest.
Snowmobilers can wind in and out of forests, rev up and down hills, play in meadows of powder, carve across ridge tops and ride full throttle on cruiser trails.
The snowmobiling trails are clearly marked in and around Grand Lake, and throughout the surrounding Rocky Mountain National Park, Arapaho Forest and Roosevelt Forest. Click here to view Grand Lake Trail groomers trail conditions website.
Spectacular views of snow capped Rockies and the frozen waters of Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Lake and Lake Granby can be seen from almost any vantage point.
Plan a trip to Grand Lake, and come explore this Colorado snowmobiling wonderland!


All These Places Are Great

but we have to remember that the right clothing and equipment to wear is essential. We all have to remember it is winter out there and having fun is the key. So if you are planning a trip to any one of these places, keep in mind they may have the equipment, but it’s your body that has to be protected as well.
Some of the equipment you would need would be, thermals, heated socks, boots, gloves, maybe your own helmet. Any number of these things can be bought before going on vacation, because it would be cheaper where you live then at the places you would be traveling to. Some of these places would be Amazon, for maybe Under Armour Thermals, or Thermal Gloves.

Heavy Socks can be bought at Kohls or Walmart. Any of the heavy boots can be sought out at


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  1. I have always wanted to try snowmobiling. It looks like a lot of fun. I have never been much of a snow person, but I like the premise of driving fast.. You sure have an extensive list of places to visit here.


    1. Bill says:

      Hello Courtney;
      Snowmobiling is a lot of fun, but just like anything else, you have to be careful. This extensive list is for people around the country to be able to get away on a winter vacation for a week and enjoy themselves. Do you have snow where you are? If not, come visit one of these places. For everyone else you can get to them by going to All the best.


  2. Dana says:

    Hi Bill, I really enjoyed your article on these winter sports. I lived in Michigan for 4 years in my 20s and I really miss the snow. I am from Georgia so there is a big difference in the winter season here compared to Michigan. I have been snowmobiling a few times as well as cross country skiing. I plan to visit Colorado in the next few years so I will be saving your blog for future reference. Thank you for sharing. Best Wishes.

    1. Bill says:

      Hello Dana;
      Since you are in Georgia, maybe you do some tennis or golf. Georgia is beautiful country, but you have to get out there and see it. has things for biking, tennis, golf, skiing, soccer, fishing and camping. Wishing you all the best.


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