Hunting And Fishing

Hunting And Fishing

Are you a hunter? What about a fisherman? Well when you combine the both of them you could maybe live in the woods for a few days, without bringing all the paraphernalia with you. All right, you need to cook out of something, and drink out of something, maybe a tent, and a sleeping bag. Then you would need some matches for a fire, 2 sticks are not going to do it anymore. Eventually you are going to be carrying about 100 pounds of equipment.

Let’s try to simplify this a little. Are you more into hunting or are you more into fishing? Well if you are more into hunting, then you would need a gun, rifle or bow and arrow or with our best friend DOG. Now all you have to be able to do is see something and shoot it for dinner. Don’t forget, we set up camp a while back. While roaming around with our guns, we get to see a raccoon, then a couple of squirrels. Well that’s not going to be a tasty dinner.

Ok, maybe it would be a little easier to do some fishing for dinner. Getting the fishing rod and tackle out, we are now going to go to the lake we passed on the way up. Looked pretty nice, and we hope there are plenty of fish in it. Throwing the line out with a lure on it, we are going to have to jig the line, we can’t just let it sit there by itself. Wahoo we just caught a nice bass for dinner. Back to the camp site to start a fire and grab a beer from the small cooler.

Now we all know that you need licenses to hunt and fish in each state, right? As long as we stay in our own state, it’s not too bad. It’s when we want to go to another state to go fishing or hunting, like from NY to NJ. Once you have the licenses, we have to find a place to go. There are plenty of wooded areas in New York State (this is where I am from). Don’t forget there are special times of the year you can hunt and fish.

You all know Fathers Day is just around the corner. I know our fathers have everything because he has us. But we should try to get him something since he is the best fathers in the world.

Maybe he’s an avid Hunter, so for Fathers Day it could be:













We can’t leave the Fishermen out:

Trout Fishing In NY During The Summer

Since I’m in NY, I would like to talk about the summer trout fishing in New York. Our springs in recent years seem to go right into summer. As time goes on trout fishing doesn’t get any easier as the streams get warmer and the trout get smarter. Eventually the fishermen begin to focus thoughts to the warm water species that are more likely to strike. Conventional thinking states that trout fishing dies off during the summer, but the truth is that the trout don’t take a vacation from eating.

The tough summer trout fishing continues on because most anglers are unwilling to change their tactics. It’s never over because when it might get a little tougher, the tougher get a little stronger. Heading into the summer, trout fisherman have to accept that success will most likely come in the early morning or late evening hours, which means early alarm clocks or late walks back to the car after sundown.

Trout aren’t big fans of sunlight to begin with and don’t like it when the sun is beating down and increasing the temperatures. If the early or late times are an inconvenience to you, you can always try to fish deeper where the waters run cooler. So don’t give up trout fishing too soon.

Some Of The Great Fishing Areas In NY

  • Carman’s River — in Long Island on the Great South Bay in Suffolk County
  • Cohocton River — Livingston and Steuben Counties — this is the place for Brown Trout
  • Ninemile Creek — in Onondaga County near Syracuse
  • Oriskany Creek — Madison and Oneida Counties
  • Clear Creek (Ellington) — Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties — Clear Creek flows for 13 miles to the Conewango Creek
  • Beverkill, Ulster, Delaware and Sullivan Counties in the Catskill Region of NY

These are just some great fishing areas in NYS.

Some Of The Areas For Hunting

We have many State lands that can be hunted on. There are Wildlife Management Areas, State Forests, Forest Preserves and State Parks that are open for hunting and trapping, during the appropriate seasons. Eighty five percent of the state is privately owned and ninety percent of all hunters will hunt on private properties during hunting season.

Written permission or permits are sometimes required to use State lands. Also additional regulations may apply and vary, depending on what type and where the land is located. It’s best to check with the nearest DEC Regional Office or a NY Forest Ranger for their specific requirements in that area.

Some of these areas are:

  • NYC Watershed Areas — The New York City (DEP), Department of Environmental Protection allows deer, bear, turkey and small game hunting on Designated Areas Only. The DEP does not issue hunting tags for hunting on City Water Supply lands. Hunters must possess the correct city permits.
  • Fort Drum Military Base — Located in Jefferson County, 3 miles northeast of Watertown. Anyone in NY that has been in the National Guard Reserve can tell you about Fort Drum, because this is where they go for their 2 week Reserve Duty every summer. As long as they are not deployed nowadays. I know this because I was in the National Guard for six years.
  • Moose River Plains Wild Forest — Located in Hamilton County. Hunting and trapping in 64,500 acre wilderness settings. Registration is at the gates.
  • Finger Lakes National Forest — Which is located East of Seneca Lake in Schuyler and Seneca counties. Small and big game hunting is allowed without any special hunting permits.
  • Montuzuma National Wildlife Refuge — Located in the North End of Cayuga Lake in Seneca County. This area is open for deer hunting on a controlled basis during both archery and regular gun seasons. Permits required.
  • Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge — This is Located East of Lockport in Genesee and Orleans Counties. This area is open for deer hunting during both archery and the regular gun season.



4 thoughts on “Hunting And Fishing”

  1. Hello Bill
    A very comprehensive website, I could be kept here for a long time as one topic is more informative and interesting than the next, I bookmarked your website as I will most certainly be visiting often, well done, wishing you great success going forward.


    1. Bill says:

      Hello Gary,
      Thank You for your insight. If there is anything I would be able to help you with anything, just give me a shout. Wishing you all the best.


  2. John Greg says:

    Hi Bill,

    I never tried fishing or hunting but looks cool in the tv shows. My buddy always tells me how exciting fishing for salmons and trout up here in Canada.

    Your story makes it more enticing to make me try it out for myself. Although I will probably not going to be able to fish in U.S. anytime soon, I will bookmark your page because you have nice tips on places where to fish.

    With regards to the Father’s Day wishlist, since I have zero ideas what those gears are for, which one would be on 2 items will be on top of your list? And why?

    John Greg

    1. Bill says:

      Hello John;
      I just left a comment, but it did not take. So you just missed the salmon season, but you can always fish for trout all year round in the US. I would check the Canadian Regulations if you do go, they may be different. There is always ice fishing, Check it out, I am sure it gets cold enough up there where you are. As far as Father’s Day, I would say the sunglasses and the hoodie. The sunglasses are also a recording device, whether you are fishing or hunting. And the hoodie is great to be under a heavy coat, to dress in layers. It has a kangaroo pocket in the front. Wishing you all the best.


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