Fun While Camping

Some Camping Ideas

Camping is a big thing around the country, especially when one’s vacation comes up.  There are many ways to go camping, you could ride an RV and go to some camp grounds that have beautiful lakes and streams for fishing, or trails to bike ride, or even nearby golf courses.  Something for everyone.

Some people just like to take their cars onto a camp ground and use a tent with air mattress’.  No matter which way you go, you still need a lot of equipment.  I have seen some of the backpacks these people carry into the woods.  HEAVY! 🙂 When we get to our location, now we have to set up, either open all the wings of the RV or set up the tents.

Camping is a recreational activity, which became poplar among the elites in the early 20th Century.  The modern campers nowadays visit the public owned resources such as the national parks, state parks, wilderness areas and commercial campgrounds. Camping is also a key part of the many youth organizations around the world, such as Scouting, which is used to teach team work, suvival skills and self-reliance.

There are different kinds of camping, for the all year around campers.  Some of them are:

  • Adventure Camping ———— which is a form of camping where people race (adventure racing or mountain biking) usually during the day.  If out after dark they would probably use the minimal amount of equipment such as a micro-camping stove, sleeping bag and small tent.
  • Dry Camping ————- This is a form of camping without a reliable preexisting water source.  Campers would have to carry their own water in and out of the camps.  This kind of camping is very common in the deserts and often prefered due to the lack of flash floods.
  • Backpacking ————- Backpacking requires a maximum wilderness experience.  Having specialized gear allows enthusiasts to both enjoy popular recreational spots and access the most remote locations.  With all the technology nowadays it has lead to lighter and more diverse backpacking gear.  Some of these improvements would be the lightweight titanium cookware, ultra light wicked fabrics and heat molded hip straps.
  • Canoe Camping ————– is similar to backkpacking and often affords much more weight and bulk to be carried.  Sometimes small motors are used that could ber attached to the canoes which allows for a faster trip on the water.  Waterproof bags and fishing gear are very common for this kind of camping.
  • Bicycle Camping ————– Bicycle Camping combines camping with cycling.  Both in developed and natural areas.  A form of bicycle camping in some parts of the world involve cycling organizations offering organizations multi-day rids and providing riders with facilities and luggage transportation.
  • Motorcycle Camping ————– is similar to bicycle camping requiring only lightweight, compact backpacking equipment due to the limited storage capacity.
  • Car, Off Road and RV Camping ————— These forms of camping involve using a powered vehicle as an essential part of the camping journey.
  • Winter Camping ————- Winter Camping is usually refered to as wilderness camping in the cold seasons, but in temperate climates, which include some snow areas, year round.  It puts a premium on high quality and taking only light gear, experience and nerve.  In addition to packing shelters such as Tents, Bivouac Gear, and alternative shelter building skills are key.  Wearing clothing suitable for layering with a regard for the appropriate nutrition and food preparation are essential.

Almost every State in the United States, have camping parks, either for your RV “Save up to $550 on RV Furniture!” needs or just camping with a tent and backpack.  So with a little planning, your vacation can be a new experience when getting into the RV.  With the RV, you just have to remember that it is your home away from home.  If you need a little help, there are always new apps coming out to help you.  Some of the Best RV Travel Apps can be found here.

Downloading them on your phone so you can get the Weather, Truck Stops, Gas Stations, Campgrounds, etc.  An app called “The KOA app” can be found on the internet or google app store.  Some of the check lists you might find handy.

RV Camping Check List 

LInens, Sheets, Pillows, Mattresses, Sleeping Bags, Extra Blankets and Towels

Kitchen Supplies
Cooking Oil, Spices, Food, Water, Ice, Pater Towels, Napkins, Foil and Plastic Wrap, Plastic Bags, Garbage Bags, Dish Soap

Rain Gear, Sweatshirts and Light Jackets, Shoes, Sandals, Hiking Boots, Extra Socks, Underwear



Around Camp

Headlamps, Flashlights, Lanterns, Firewood and Kindling, Waterproof Matches, Lawn Furniture, Books, Movies, Games — Board and Lawn

Miscellanious Supplies
Toilet Paper, Baby Wipes, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Shampoo and Conditioner, Soap, Deodorant, Medication and Prescriptions, Lip Balm, Hand Sanitizer, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Broom and Dust Pan

This is just a quick list of some of the things that should be brought with you on a road trip with an RV.  Hope it helps a little.  All the RV rental places are giving discounts on Milage plus a 5% to 10% discount on the night rates.  This is besides the AAA discounts and rewards.

There are a lot of companies around that sell camping equipment.  If riding in an RV, we all know you can take all the ammenities with you, but if you are biking, motorcycling, or just hiking with a backpack, it has to be brought down to the bear minimum.

Fun While Camping

Since we will be on a vacation, or taking time off of work, you want to make the best of it.  Getting away from all the hassles of large cities and daily grinds can be enjoyable and camping can be a lot of fun.  Some of the fun things to do while camping include water activities, sports and games to play.  Here you will find things to do on rainy days and activities to do in the tent.  There are idea’s for nighttime and suggestions for the most fun places to camp.  You will never have a dull camping trip again.

Activities in the Water

There are a ton of things that can be played in the water, as long as your campsite is near a lake, river, pool or other body of water.  Slip on your bathing suit and have fun in the water.  If you have kids with you, ou can skipstones, build a sand castle, fish, swim, boat, canoe or kayak, water skiing, tubing, play water vollyball, dive or snorkel.  Even if you are not near a large body of water, you could have a water ballon fight, squirt guns, inflatable wading pool or even line a truck bed with a tarp and make a makeshift pool.


Sports and Physical Activity 

While out there, there are tons of sports and activities to do.  These are easy things that don’t require too much phyusical movement and other sports that are very active.  Pick the ones that suit your style and you could have fun with.  Like: Disc golf (Frisbee), Horseshoes, Tingtoss, Lawn Bowling, Soccer, Football,Kickball, BAseball, Cycling, Hiking, Rock climbing or even tree climbing.  If none of these, then just take a walk in nature.

Make sure you have the correct items for playing some of these games.  If you can get enough people together you could:  Capture the flag, Hide and Seek, Sardines, Tag, Red Rover.

There is no better time, then playing games while camping.  There aren’t as many distractions like televvision and computers.  Most games are entertaining and bring a family bond with cooperation of everyone with you.  You have: Card Games, Board Games, Charades or I Spy and with some paper and penscils you have Hang-Man, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Dots.


Sometimes you just want to Explore Nature.  Getting to know the outdoors with these activities:  Bird Watching, Animal Watching, Collecting Fireflies in a jar, Bug collecting, Leaf collecting (be careful of the Poison Ivy’s), Searching for Wild Berries, Nuts and other Ediable Plants, having a Scavenger Hunt, Taking pictures of the Flora and Fauna you find, looking for evidence of Big Foot (make sure it’s not a Bear Print), Picking Berries, Collecting Firewood or Kindling for nighttime or even finding the Perfect Walking Stick.


Or you don’t have to do anything but relax:  Maybe in a hammock, watching the trees bolowing in the breeze, listening to the sounds of nature, take a few naps, daydream and let your mind relax.  Float on the water and at night, stargaze. (After the marshmellow cookout).

Tent Activities

There could be times that you would have to stay in your tent, sometimes because of rain or bad weather.  While in there you could: Read a Book or Magazine, Read aloud to each other, Card Games, Board Games, Crafting, (Knitting, Sewing, or Drawing).  Watch a Movie on a portable device, make up stories or even just Snuggle (Women Like That).

Nighttime Activities

There are plenty of things to do at night also.  The darkness can be thrilling out in the woods, far away from the city life.  You could Play Spooky Games and do things to light up the night.  Make Shadow Puppets, go for a Nighttime Walk, Play Flashlight Tag, Play Hide and Seek in the Dark, Go for a Midnight Swim, Study the Stars, have a Mashmellow Cookout, or even Release Sky Lanterns.



Having A Camp Fire

Having a Campfire can be a lot of fun, which most of the time make memorable experiences: Telling Ghost Stories, Playing Truth or Dare, Singing Campfire Songs, Playing an Instrament (Guitar or Harmonica), All the New Varieties of SMORES, Dancing around the fire, or make a colorful fire with fire crystals or even pine cones.

Other Camping Ideas

Bring pets along, they are always fun to be around.  Invite friends or family to go with you or let the kids bring a friend of their own.  Meet and socialize with the other campers.  There are some very interesting people out there.  You may even want to stay in touch with some of them you meet.  Bring lights and decorations to make your campsite cheery.  Try new recipies and food.

One recipie that sound good, would be the Campfire Cresent Hot Dog, or a Baked Banana Boat with marshmallows and chocolate chips.








Hi I’m Bill, and I would like to say that it is always great to go on vacations with the family.  Hope everyone stays safe in all their endeavors while out there. Enjoy







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