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When we are looking at something, there could be controversy over almost anything. When we see something we like, we must take into consideration all the things that item will bring to us in our lives. Whether it be clothes, shoes, a car or even a cat or dog. Will it enhance our lives or are we just trying to satisfy a whim. So all I can say is Don’t Shop — Adopt.

When you Adopt an item or a pet, its for good, not just to satisfy our alter ego. I looked this statement up on Google and it comes up with ” Adopt, Don’t Shop” for all the canine sites. Just the opposite of what I am saying here. They want you to adopt a pet. But this can be used in almost any category. Let’s say we apply it to a Bike we have been looking for and finally found it. Or maybe a set of Golf Clubs we’ve been searching for.

It’s not the same as adopting a dog, cat or car. But whatever we choose, we have to live with it. (or maybe be able to bring it back, lol). When we adopt an item, it is usually on a more permanent basis. So I would like to use this statement on all the things we are looking for. Especially, lets say Fishing Rods and Reels. You want the best for the least amount of money. Then you have to make sure the rod or reel, is the size and strength we need to catch the big ones.



If you go on the internet, do you just go directly to a store to pick out an item you are looking for? Maybe you want to compare prices in a couple of different stores. Well, this is the place to do that from. I have set up a page with all the stores, so you could check out prices for different items — just click here.

When I say Don’t Shop – Adopt, I am not talking about adopting a child or even a dog or cat. Even though they have a lot of posts out there on what you should get ready if you were to adopt a child. I just want to make people aware of the things that could be bought online, and some places may have a sale today where the prices would be cut.

What I hear a lot from family and friends, is if I have to pay for shipping, its not worth it. Well a lot of the companies are hearing everyone and are putting their items out with free shipping and free returns. To me it is better to shop online because I save in gas and do not have to put up with all these people on the road. Usually my items are delivered within 2 days.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

As I research this statement, I am coming across ” Adopt, Don’t Shop”, does this mean the same thing? There are many items out there especially dogs and cats, that everyone wants you to Adopt, but not to shop, say in a pet store. They are telling us that if these pets are not adopted, they may very well be put down, because there is no room anymore to keep them. So If you can, please adopt a pet.

Maybe not one so big.




Ok, not to get off the subject that I had been talking about, ” Don’t Shop – Adopt “, there are so many things on line, that can be adopted, the stores even have a place to put apparel or items that we would like to have, store them in a basket, if we cannot afford to pay for them now or save as a wish list. This way the item would still be there when we want to buy. Some have a lay-away plan, so you pay a little each month, until it is paid off, and then you can go and pick up your item.

Nowadays you have a lot of “Adopt A Child “, “Adopt A Pet”, “Adopt A Highway”, “Adopt A Dog”, “Adopt A Cat”. So you get the idea, there are so many things you can adopt, so I feel you could adopt a football jersey, or a watch, or even an outfit. When we do finally adopt that item we have been looking for, we feel good about ourselves. This is the way we should feel all the time.

There happens to be a lot of slogans associated with shopping:

  • Shop Till You Drop
  • Start The Car, Start The Car (Commercial)
  • Where Fashion Comes To Life
  • Your Stores, Your Place
  • Seek, Find, Enjoy
  • Shopping The Way It Should Be

This is only to name a few, no matter what we do, we want it to be a Fun Place To Go, or it wouldn’t be worth going. Places we go and things we do, whether with others or by ourselves, should bring enjoyment to oneself. Some people like cooking, some like camping and even some like playing soccer, football or basketball. My enjoyment most of the time is to watch people in a mall or store, where they go from window to window and point out all the items they would love to have.

Where are some places you like to shop? I particularly like the women running down the sidewalk to the car her husband is sitting in and yelling “Start The Car, Start The Car” as if the store had made a mistake on the prices or something. If I remember correctly the store was KOHLS. In a mall though, you have a lot of stores that stand out, and you have a better chance on finding things you are looking for. I am sure there are places “Where Fashion Comes To Life”.

The only thing left is to ” Seek, Find and Adopt “. There are many stores out there, and some of them are your favorites. But if you can not just get out, take the car, and get to them, the next best thing is to shop on line. You could even buy things from the internet right from your phone. Why not, you have the Millennial, and the Generation Z (born between 1995 to 2000) and now Generation Alpha (born after 2010). These are the next generations.

Victoria Secrets

As of now some stores have experimental shopping were retailers are doing their homework, like this one in London. They opened a custom BMX and skate park in the bottom of its flagship store. Victoria Secrets millennial-targeted Pink National App is a social media network that offers games prizes and of course, discounts and promotions. The best part of these experiences are authentic and not cheap marketing tactics.

As a sports Jersey aficionado, I would single out there Sports Memorabilia Gift Store which jumped out at me this year by beating retail at its own game. All I have to do is input my chest size on their site and I get a perfectly fitting sports jersey or t-shirt made for me, delivered right to my door, complete with monogrammed initials and a fit far better than anything that could be found on a rack.

Mobile checkouts are on the rise, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, more sales were across Amazon on a mobile device then anywhere else. It’s a trend that will be equal to shopping on a desktop or tablet. Outside the platform nearly 35% of e-commerce purchases were made on a mobile device. Nowadays is where social media is the place people chat and window-shop, without leaving their homes.

Purchasing on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest has evolved this year, and will be even better next year. This lets social media users to finally let you pick-up your goods without leaving the virtual neighborhood.

Years ago you had a personal connection with the people in the small stores. Malls and Big Box stores changed all that. These days, we’re no longer content to buy from faceless bands and smart retailers that are using creative tools to build a personal relationship with would-be buyers.

Currently, this trend is more prominent in the world of celebrities. Last year they extended these personas into pop-up shops and full scale brand lines that gave fans more of what they wanted, a direct way to connect with their favorite personalities. All a celebrity has to do is tell everyone this is going to happen or that is going to happen and the media blasts it all over the place. So when they want their fans to have something or start a new trend, believe me they will let you know.


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2 thoughts on “Don’t Shop – Adopt”

  1. I think shopping online now is SO EASY that I almost never go to our local mall. First of all, I live near the biggest mall in the U.S. That place is NUTS! So you’re right. It’s so much easier to get out my phone or my computer, type in exactly what I want to purchase and it’ll be at my door in just a couple of days. No traffic. No crowds.

    Now, I do love to go to the mall sometimes just to walk around and people watch. But I really prefer not to go there to shop! Thank you, internet!

    1. Bill says:

      Hello Christina;
      Are you talking about the Palisade Mall in Rockland County, NY? It is suppose to be the 2nd biggest mall in the country. I used to go to walk around because it was so large and window shop. But now I moved about 20 minutes away and go to the gym every day instead. Wishing you all the best.


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