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Best All Around Golf Clubs & Accessories for 2018,

Golf is an amazing sport, it is made up of a club and a ball. There are over 34,000 golf courses around the world, and over 15,300 of those are in the United States alone. The game is judged on playing a set number of holes, in order, based on the least amount of strokes as possible. This game can be played by men, women or children and with the best all around golf accessories it will make it almost impossible for your family to beat you. It is usually played with a  or two person team.

When the game starts, most courses are made up of 18 holes, some recreational courses are only 9 holes. The game is always started at a tee box, and ending on the green that has a designated hole, where the ball has to end up.

In between the tee box and the hole in the green, there could be rough terrain, trees, high grass or a number of obstacles that have to be played around. Every stroke is counted as a point, whoever has the least amount of points at the end, wins the game. There are 9 clubs to a set, a Wood to start the game at the tee, and 7 various clubs that are used to get to the green, then a putter is used once on the green. Some of the best golf clubs are listed here for you.

The Best Drivers for 2018

1 – Best Wilson Triton Driver


This Wilson Triton Driver is a winning design from the hot show “Driver vs Driver” on the golf station. This driver has a removable sole piece which is the 1st on the market. It has 2 different sole plates (titanium and carbon) which lets you choose a low ball flight of a higher one. There are 3 removable weights that hold the weights to the driver for a draw or fade able biase. This Wilson Triton Driver is for all players. The technology in this club gives you the best ball flights in a Driver. Only 1 review but gets a 4 out of 5 star rating.
Wilson Triton Driver features:

  • Lofts available: 9° • 10.5° • 12°
  • Aldila Rogue Black shafts available in Senior and Regular flex
  • Aldila Rogue Silver shafts available in Senior, Regular, Stiff and X-flex
  • Matirx Ozik White Tie shafts available in Regular and Stiff flex
  • Speed Rules shafts available in Senior, Regular, Stiff and X-flex
  • Hazardous Black or Red shafts available in Regular, Stiff and X-Flex
  • Available in right and left hand
  • Matching head cover and wrench included
  • Authorized Wilson Golf dealer


2 – Best Callaway Rogue Hybrid Driver

Callaway has 2 epic drivers, the “Big Bertha Epic Driver” and the “GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver” both having the jailbreak technology. These new drivers have two 3 gram titanium bars, parallel to each other which connect the crown and the sole, which looks like the bars on a jail cell. With this technology the player testing it found the ball speed to be 2 mph faster, so the distance is being boosted, depending on the different swing types.

The GBB Epic has a low center of gravity that makes it easier to launch the ball high with a low spin. A 17-gram perimeter sliding weight allows golfers to easily adjust the club to fit their swing.

The Gbb Epic Sub Zero model is a low spinning driver used by many of the professional golfers when on tour. The crown weights 10.8 gram and the sole is only 7.4 grams. It comes with 2 interchangeable weights (12g and 2g) which helps to adjust the spin-rate when positioned in the front and back of the sole.
Callaway Rogue Hybrid Features:

  • Jailbreak technology
  • The Fastest face in golf
  • Enhanced MOI
  • 5 loft options (17-27)
  • Available in RH and LH
  • Aldila Synergy 60 graphite shaft (R, S)
  • Authorized Callaway Retailer


3 – Best Taylor Made M3 and M4 Drivers

This new Taylor Made M3 and M4 lead in the new technology for woods. Other drivers are looking to using new materials, different construction techniques and mass properties wile these Taylor Made Drivers are seeking to use: DATA.

Both drivers, the M3 and M4 are made with a multi faced curved face design which the company is calling “Twist Face”. Other drivers pretty much have the same consistent curve from heel to toe, called the BULGE & from crown to sole, which is called the ROLL.

In conventional thinking this idea takes a negative effect of the spin and launch of the ball you are hitting, which is counteracted by the curvature of the wood. This is truer for the bulge, because of the way the toe and heel shots are launched with side spin back toward the center line for increased accuracy.

After hundreds of thousands of shots were studies by the Taylor Made Team, professionals and armatures found that the bulge in their clubs weren’t doing what they were made to do. So it took about 3 years of a study that the researchers had been able to measure the impact location and form an opinion on how the clubs design should be made. After studying all the data from the players taking thousand and thousands of shots, did they realize what the clubs could do.

So they went the next level and made a face that curves. The face curves more open as it gets closer to the toe. Slightly below the center, it curves more closed as it gets closer to the heel. Ultimately they are twisting the face based on how a golfer plays, not what robots do.


4 – Best Bridgestone JGR Driver 460cc 2018 Right 10.5 UST Recoil 460 ES Graphite Stiff

The most important things you can expect from this JGR Driver are control, distance and speed. This is brought to you by the power milled face design from speed dare technology and spin control technology which features Aldila NV 2kkv orange shaft.

It is designed to improve launch and speed because the crown is thinner in the front. This allows the face to slightly flex at impact, enhancing rebound above the center of the face. Bridgestone designers wanted to reduce the amount the ball slides up the face, which reduces the spin when hitting the ball.

A new vertical milling pattern is used on the head and toe to reduce mishits. The milled lines are also closer together and rougher at the bottom of the face to help the shots that are hit low to reduce the spin. An adjustable-weighting system allows golfers to adjust the driver to hit the ball lower and produce more height.

Available in Right Handed Only, and the wrench would have to be purchased separately if user wants to switch weights.


5 – Best Titleist 917 D2 Driver

The Titleist 917 D2 Driver is the largest of the 2 drivers in the 917 range. Being built so you have the maximum performance off the tee. The big change is in the face of the Driver even though the color is a little different from the 915 D2. Titleist has “Radial Face Technology” to have the ball speeds, off the face, to gain those important extra yards off the tee.

They also have re engineered their “Active Recoil Channel. This technology will help you get away with shots that come off ow on the face. Another big change is the SureFit CG that allows you to change the flight and spin characteristics. This technology took 5 years to develop and is located behind the head.

You will receive a wrench and weight kit that will fit the SureFit CG slot in the 917 D2 Driver. This weight kit has 3 cartridges between 8g ad 16g. By changing the weights you can move the CG location to achieve your desired flight pattern. This is done because they placed the CG location at an angle so by placing the heavier weight towards the face, you can lower the spin rate by 300 rpm and visa versa if you are trying to et more control and a higher ball flight.

This company has a system that will let you customize the loft and face settings to suit your game and get the most from the club. Ts system has 16 independent settings that allow you to alter the loft and face settings to fine tune the ability of your driver.


5b – Titleist 917 D3 Driver

The Titleist 917 D3 Driver can only be described as FAST. This driver delivers faster ball speed on off-center hits from the new “Active Recoil Channel” and “Radial Speed” face for more distance. This is the ultimate precision fitting from the new SureFit CG weight system that allows you to customize weight for feel, shot shape, spin and launch along with 16 loft and lie settings from the SureFit Hosel for serious adjustability.

For fade players, if you have a slice miss, try the weight in the draw position. If you have a pull miss, try the weight in the fade position. If you are a drawer player and your miss is a hook, try the weight in the fade position. Place it in the draw position if your miss is a block. The optimized head shape and structure produces Tour inspired sound.

For ball flight, shot shape and spin from this club, the weights offers a custom trajectory to fit every golfer. Faster ball speed, adjustability, sound and trajectory combined make this club FAST for complete performance in the new Titleist 917 D3 Driver.

  • SUREFIT® HOSEL: Titleist’s industry leading SureFit® Hosel offers 16 independent loft and lie settings that help create a more consistent and optimized ball flight through precision fitting
  • RADIAL SPEED FACE 2.0: Enhanced with a thinner perimeter face width for more overall distance
  • ACTIVE RECOIL CHANNEL™ 2.0: Refined thickness through the channel reduces spin and increases speed
  • Interchangeable weights optimize spin and launch conditions for every player
  • The 917D2 Driver provides distance with forgiveness in a full pear, 460cc profile. It has been designed to deliver more forgiveness, a slightly higher launch and more spin.


6 – Best Cobra – King F8 and the F8 + Drivers

Everyone knows that the driver they use should give them the distance on the ball they want, but the accuracy is just as important. Cobra has been working on making the King F8 and F8+ Drivers for about 2 1/2 years. In the beginning when they first started designing, they welded the faces on the T-8-1-1 titanium body.

The driver heads were then hand ground to remove all evidence of the weld. The faces are not flat, they have a horizontal and vertical curvature that creates the gear affect. While Cobra has been finishing their drivers over the years, there are slight variances in face thickness because it is done by hand. This is also done for many of their drivers.

With all the technology nowadays, Cobra has it’s people still finishing the driver faces by hand. Eventually you will be seeing more of it’s Cobra’s new milled face being done by machinery so the face would be more exact, 3% thinner and 10% lighter than before.

By using the “Duel Roll Technology” the pattern created on the face, of the F8, which hides the tilted axis. This different level of face at the top and bottom gives you the right launch. The carbon fiber crown is lighter than before to help save weight and the top is 1/2 of the 360 Aero feature that is an air tripping device to make the head more aerodynamic.

Other manufacturers have done this with titanium, but on the raised section of the Cobra F8 which is made from a lighter polymer to save more weight. The other 1/2 of the 360 Aero is on the sole and made of titanium because it needs the strength to survive contact with the ground. The Cobra also has the “Cobra Connect Arccos” sensor in the grip which pairs with your cell phone so tracking drives can be reviewed.

In the 2 1/2 years that Cobra spent working on the technology of getting the head up to speed, compared to the Cobra F7 driver, where the head shape is a little more pear shaped. Their new color is Nardo. The other main difference from the F7 is on the sole where there are now 2 weight positions instead of 3 positions. This really makes sense because you don’t need the front position to reduce spin. So if you want to take some spin off, you just move the heavier 12g weight into the draw position or reduce the loft using the adjustable hosel.

You can play around with the 16 different combinations of loft and weight positions and most of them may end up around the same and then down to personal preference.

If you still can’t get it right, you can try the F8+ driver. The F8+ driver is the lower spinning version of the F8 driver and has a more compact 440cc head. The face looks a little steeper and squarer to the eye. While the shorter head from front to back brings the CG forward to reduce spin and on the sole the 2 weight ports are now in line with a single rear high port at the back and a central low part at the front.


7 – Best Mizuno ST 180 Driver

Picture not available at this time

The Mizuno St 180 is a driver that is very simple that meets the demands of all levels of players. The engineers with the company started their design around the tour players requirements of a lower spin and working their way toward play ability. They are trying to free up the discretionary weight to get that low CG combined with the high MOI so they would have something acceptable to the player on tour but also easy to use for the average golfer.

The have positioned the weight low to reduce the spin and deep to give forgiveness through a higher moment of inertia. (resistance to twisting on off-center hits). The company had a dilemma, how to increase the MOI and keeps the CG low. How they accomplished this was with combining the perimeter weighting with a more powerful titanium alley. The special titanium was put into the face, SP700, which gives you a higher elongation strength, that allows it to give the driver a higher spring-like effect and better performance across the face.

It has a very fine structure, which when it is swung it gives a slightly higher repulsive force as it returns to normal. This new ST180 is Mizuno’s first driver that has a wave sole pattern. While this was only used previously in the company’s fairway woods and hybrids.

The extra material in the wave pattern gives a mass low in the head to further lower the center of gravity. The thin crown also helps the ST180 to lower the CG.

  • SP700 Titanium Face: Exotic fine grain titanium material offers greater responsive force for increased ball speed and distance
  • CORTECH Face: Multi-thickness face design for increased ball speed
  • Waffle Crown: Optimized sweet spot to get low spin
  • Wave Technology: Engineered wave geometry compresses and rebounds at impact for greater COR AREA and higher ball speeds
  • Quick Switch Adapter: Defined loft/lie hosel adapt settings to aid in launch optimization


These are just some of the many great Drivers that are available on the market today. Some of the Irons can be seen and bought here as well.

Best Irons for 2018


1 – Best TaylorMade Irons M3 and M4

These TaylorMade M3 and M4 Irons are new for 2018. As the season starts to open, we all want to be able to show the people we are playing with, that we don’t need that handicap anymore. Showing them this new iron, will make them all jealous.

These irons are designed to making the face more flexible. The slots in the sole and the face are key parts of making the face thinner so it would be more springy upon impact. Their design is called “Ribcor” which are support beams that go from the top line to the back bar on both irons the M3 which is made compact and the M4, the higher launching iron.

The TaylorMade team were on a crusade for speed which is all about the unsupported face area. Everyone is pushing the wall thickness, so everything is getting thinned out. This is why the team was set out to find ways to focus the deflection of the system in the face of the iron.

With this new Ribcor Design it transfers more of the energy to the golf ball by making the perimeter of the club stiffer and giving you the flexibility of where the iron comes in contact with the ball. By adding weight to the club head, it increases the MOI. The M4 irons are the ideal cubs for people that want to hit the ball longer and straighter. The structure of these clubs prevent the face from splitting around the edges of the Speed Slots; a previous problem last year.

The M3 and M4’s best-selling point is that they have a soft feel when being used, and this is what most golfers want wen playing. The M4 is a replacement for the M2. This iron offers a 24% higher MOI. It has a full fluted hosel design to conserve weight. The aesthetics aren’t the greatest but some compromises have to be made. In the TaylorMade tradition, the new irons are told to be able to hit 300 yards with the M4 iron by Dustin Johnson. All well and good but there is no real relevance for the average golfer.

The M3 as the M4 replaces the M1. This iron’s shape has been re-designed with a less offset and a thinner top line. To keeps the CG low, it has tungsten weights for a higher launch and more forgiveness. This new model has a straighter edge and a sole shape for ground contact. With stock shafts that are true temper XP100 steel and Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei Graphite. Lamkin grips are the norm.


  • RIBCOR localizes face flexibility in the hitting area, transferring more energy to the ball to increase distance and accuracy.
  • RIBCOR stiffens the perimeter of the head creating a more rigid structure, enhancing sound and feel. RIBCOR mitigates toe flexibility for tighter dispersion.
  • Optimized heel & toe weighting provides an increase in MOI vs M2 17, resulting in more forgiveness. Ultra-thin leading edge works in conjunction w/the speed pocket to increase speed on low-face shots
  • More distance: fluted hostel and 360 Undercut allows for redistribution of mass low in the head to increase launch distance, and consistency
  • Aftermarket shafts: kbs max 85 and Fujikura atmos Red shafts are designed to deliver high launch and maximum ball speed


2 – Best Titleist 718 Irons

The new Titleist 718 Iron collection consists of 6 new models. You have the MB, CB, AP1, AP2, T-MP3 and the AP3. They are all linked by a common goal, to have improved consistency on the playing field.

The MB mixes classic blades, while the CB has a forged cavity back, forged-body Irons with face inserts. These are the AP2 and the hollow irons with their faced inserts (T-MB, AP3 and the AP1). With these clubs the whole idea is to have the center of gravity location more in line with the center of the face. This would improve the MOI or stability of off-center impacts.

The director of product development for Irons at Titleist, says they are trying to put the technology where it makes the most sense and get the most benefit. Having a test run by the engineers mapped the distances across a rectangle that included a 1/2″ high, low, left and right of the center. This collection of 718 irons have satisfied this requirement.

718 AP1, AP2, and the AP3

These are the most diverse of all the 718 irons. Each set has a mix of constructions, sometimes even 3 different club designs within the same set. The AP1, features hollow irons in the 4 and 5 irons based on the learnings from the high-end C16.

The balance of the set, features a 360 degree under cut cavity, with a wider-soled thin face design. Throughout the middle irons (4 thru 7) high density Tungsten weight is used in the toe sections. An average of 58g of Tungsten is used in each iron and the thin faced insert is just 2 millimeters thick.

The long irons now have a hollow construction because the face has a lot of speed. The 718 AP2 has a forged design which is used mostly by the PGA Tour players. The Titleist staff combined several metals to improve long, middle iron distance and short iron control. With the 3-6 irons a high strength SUP10 steel body is forged to the steel face insert that’s just 2.1 millimeters thick and as thin as 1.8 millimeter in the upper cavity.

The set then switches to a 1025 carbon steel body and face for the 7 iron, while the 8 iron has a forged 1025 carbon steel face and body construction. They also have the 718 AP3, 718 T-MB, 718 CB and the 718 MB.


3 – Best Callaway Epic and Epic Pro Irons

The Callaway Epic Irons are the most up to date in their technology which they have created for higher launchers, speed of the ball, forgiveness and performance. When making these Epic Irons, they are made with premium materials and the most advanced technology.

Mr Alan Hocknell was told to make the best iron he could make with unlimited resources. He came up with the Epic and Epic Pro which are very compact in style. He incorporated other things that are found on larger head irons to maximize performance with the best materials he was able to use. In doing this it incorporated 200 different processes to cram all this into a smaller head.

A lot of these Irons that Callaway has produced to increase the speed of the all on off center shots now has a thinner rim around the perimeter of the inner code that drops to 1 millimeter thickness. This iron is ow a tungsten infused tsunami that breaks at different points to keeps the CG low in the long irons and high in the short irons.

This head now has an Exo-Cage chassis (their technology) that was 1st used on the Big Bertha OS Iron and helps to stiffen the body. There are 2 models of the Epic irons, the Epic and The Epic Pro. The Epic which is a mid-compact iron has a longer hosel, more offset and a wider sole which gives it a little more cub head speed. The lofts are the dame as the Pro version, but the 3 – 6 irons have longer shafts.

Having the Epic in your hands gives you the right blend of performance and compact better players clubs with all the usual curve lines. The epic is the longest shaft overall. All the other clubs averaged out about the same distance. The Epic also had the lowest spinning of the 4 models and gave the longest distance.

The Epic Pro irons have everything the Epic has but in a more compact style. All the head lengths are the same, but the pro irons have less offset, a thinner to line and a narrower sole. The stock shaft is slightly heavier that gives the club a slightly different feel, but still has the same swing weight The sound also was a little better because the cavity is smaller. To get the same benefit as the Epic you would have to hit the center of the face with the Epic Pro.

These Irons are made either for Right or Left handed people. Golfalot Rates these clubs with a 4 out of 5 stars.


4 – Best Cobra King F8 Iron

This Cobra King F8 Iron is an upgrade from the King F7. They designed each head according to what they think is best for the players. The King F8 is down to a 3 head construction from a 4 head with the King F7. With the 1/2 hollow design of the mid-irons making way for the Hollow Head to transfer from the 4 iron down to the 7 iron. Comparing this iron with the F7 the whole process is to get the F8 hosel shorter and the face shallower.

The hollow head design brings more of the weight low and back in the sole of the club. It now has a carbon medallion in the back to reduce the weight. The PWRShell cup face insert is now 7 grams lighter and has a face difference varying from 1.9 mm to 2.4 mm to make it flex more at launching and deliver a little more speed. The 4 – 7 irons also have a narrow V-shaped milled grooves to reduce spin.

Comparing 2 – 7 irons on GC2 with ProVix balls, at the same 88 mph swing speed the King F8 flew higher, had less spin, and added an extra 6 yards. The longer irons had a much larger unpolished section on the sole. In the 8 iron to PW the head style changes to a cavity back with wider milled V shape grooves. The ball will be hitting the face higher up due to the additional loft.

These irons seamed to be pretty good while the sound was a little different with the longer irons. Now with the Gap, Sand and the Lob wedge which have a more traditional blade style look, they still have a small cavity on the back. For the medallion and wider grooves on the face these irons are excellent while playing in any situation.

The King F8 comes with the “Cobra Connect Arccos” tracking sensors built into the grips as standard items. Plus they will give you additional tags for the rest of your clubs so you can track them as well. This is a free system and the batteries will last longer than the grips.

The 5 & 6 irons feel a little heavy as did the Gap wedge, but the 7 to PW felt good and better than the same clubs in the F7 set. Come check them out, if you are looking for more distance. Golfalot rating is 4 out of 5 stars.


5 – Best Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

The Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons have a high launch for the maximum distance giving enhanced accuracy. Cleveland is back in the golf club market with these new irons for the first time in a lot of years. With the new Cleveland Launcher CBX giving golfers and impressive combination of distance, high launch and control. Having a classic cavity back design, these irons utilize the cup face with technology to increase ball speed.

The cavity design has the weight in the perimeter which helps protect the ball speed on off center shots. The technological shaping o each club in the set optimizes it’s performance while the longer irons with thicker tip lines promote higher launch and greater distance. While the shorter irons with thinner top lines encourage control on scoring shots.

What Cleveland CBX irons most popular and successful wedge technology in the design is to promote enhanced control. With their Tour Zip grooves and laser milling combined improves the distance and control from all conditions of where the ball lands.

The balancing technology helped move the CG closer to the center of the club face for tighter shop dispersion and for a better feel while taking the shot. Finally, the Duel V-sole design gives players the forgiveness, versatility and exceptional interaction with the turf. This new Cleveland launcher CBX iron has features like, True Temper Dynamic Gold 98 Steel Shaft, Miyazaki C Kua graphite, Shaft Flexes and Stock Grip of Blue Cap by Lamkin.

Cleveland would hope to bring the CBX advantage to a short game experience which you can see in the Duel V Sole grind tat was first seen on the Cleveland RTX-3 wedge. This seems to get through the turf more quickly. The other wedge feature is the Tour Zip groove and laser milled scoring lines in between that provide consistent, high levels of grips. This iron is being brought out mostly for mid to high handicappers.

Irons usually have the head weight in the hosel that moves the CG towards the heel, so Cleveland designed a hollow section at the bottom of the hosel called a microcavity that reduces the hosel weight and moves the CG across the face. Te 3 – 7 irons also use a “Launch Face Cup” that wraps around the chassis of the club so the off center hits get an increase of forgiveness. Golfalot Rates this Iron a 5 out of 5 stars.


2017 Mizuno Golf Iron Set Jpx 900 Hot Metal-Complete Customized Shafts, Choose Club Numbers+

6 – Best Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons


Every few years Mizuno comes back with a “Hot Metal” golf club. In 2009 it was the MX 700 woods and now it’s the JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons. This Hot Metal is usually defined to the face of the clubs because it is very thin. So if it’s unclear to anyone of what these clubs are made of, it’s Chromoly 4140M. This is a steel alloy made up of chromium and molybdenum.

Over the years they have used this metal for cycling because it is strong enough to retain it’s strength when tinned out. But still soft enough to bead for custom fitting. This metal is not used for the gap, sand or lobe wedges. These are made from a softer x30 steel and based on the style of the cavity of the Mizuno S5 wedge. The Chromoly material helps Mizuno to be able to make a large cavity back iron for those who need a little more forgiveness and help get the launch off.


The one piece cup face comes around the chassis of the head and is the thinnest face they have created today, resulting in the 6 iron has a 2 mph more ball speed than the previous JPX850 iron. There is a generous top line and not as much offset, which is good to see. The cavity comes into your view with the 4 iron, but because of it’s large size, it all seems in proportion. These improvement irons from Mizuno have been around a while now, and just like the previous PX8520 irons, they usually put some sort of colored finish to distinguish the fact that you are not exactly a scratch player.

Most players feel Mizuno is a “players iron”, so the styling of the new JPX900 Hot Metal irons look like their forged blade even if it’s not. The polished and matt finish combined with a little color makes it look great. There is a choice of shafts from the Mizuno Swing DNA Fitting Service, but the normal stock shaft is the Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 which is light and could help the mid to slower swingers improve their swing speeds. The feel of the JPX900 Hot Metal is very good and the height was mid to high.

The short and mid irons play just like the versions of the JPX900 forged and the set goes down to 50 degree GW as the PW is a strong 45 degree. Overall the JPX900 Hot Metal is a big visual improvement over the JPX850 and the performance, feel and sound are better also. Golfalots rating of these new Hot Metal Clubs is a 5 out of 5 stars.

  • New chromoly4140 mist 15% stronger which creates metal toughness
  • 1 piece-cup face design
  • Softer wedges with milled grooves
  • Power frame design
  • Modules 105 Regular shaft



7 – Golf Irons Buying Guide

The vast majority of clubs in our bags are the irons, so having the correct set will make a big difference improving your game. There are many types of irons, all with different specifications. Hopefully we can help you to get the perfect set of irons for your needs.

Forged Irons: Forging a club is very similar to what blacksmiths used to do. The metal is hammered into a rough shape, then pounded into the desired shape. Then the carbon steel club head is finished by milling, grinding and polishing. It ends as a one-piece iron which has a solid looking head.

Cast Irons: The cast iron clubs are an alternative to the forged irons. To cast an iron, hot liquid is poured into a mold, where complex head designs can be made. Making the clubs this way, a multi-material can be used to produce intricate types of irons. This casting process is easier and cheaper than forged irons which is the reason for a lower price.

Designs of Irons

Blade Irons: Blade Irons feature a thin face, a thin top line and a compact hitting area. The distribution of weight is done throughout the whole head. Since the weight is behind the center of the head, it offers a better way to shape a shot.

Cavity Back Irons: A cavity back iron has a cavity or recess in the back of the iron and distributes the weight around the outside of the club. By having more weight around the edges, manufacturers are able to increase the MOI o forgiveness of the club. Normally a thin club face is paired with a larger club head so off center shots f;fly longer and straighter then an off-center shot with a blade iron.

Sets of Irons: A set of irons usually consist of 9 irons, each set of irons are numbered depending on the loft of the club. The long irons are usually the 2, 3 and 4 irons, but nowadays there are not many 2 and 3 irons around. Mid irons are the 5, 6 and 7 ad short irons are the 8, 9 and the wedges such as the Pitching Wedge (PW), the Gap or Attack Wedge (GW or AW) and a Sand Wedge (SW).


Steel Shafts: Most of the irons are made with steel shafts. Steel is stronger and heavier than graphite. The carbon steel or stainless steel used in shafts is thicker and offers consistent forge and flexibility which allows you to have the same flex in the 4 iron as you do in the 9 iron. Lower prices and higher durability make this the better choice for all golfers.

Graphite Shafts: Graphite shafts are lightweight and flexible as compared to the steel shafts. This helps to increase swing speed and most likely give you more distance on the gall. These graphite shafts are not consistant in the feel throughout all the clubs. A drawback on these graphite shafts is the cost of making them.

Multi-Material Shafts: The multi-material shafts are less common than the steel or graphite shafts. These shafts are basically made up of steel with a graphite tip. The steel section helps the player with controlling the flight of the ball better and the graphite tip helps with the extra speed so the ball will have a better distance.

Golf Shoes can also be found here.



When buying a new Driver or Iron, you should check the prices with a couple of different stores.

Some of the Accessories that could help you with your game, could be found here.

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