Best Bikes On The Market This Year


The Best Bikes On The Market in 2018,

There are a lot of bikes on the market today, but the best bikes on the market in 2018, are right here for you to see. As kids most of us learnt how to ride a bike, everyone either continues riding whenever they can or just go’s on with their lives without a bike because of a number of reasons. This post is for the avid rider, either as a competitor, dirt biker or just for exercise.

All the updated 24″ and 26″ Schwinn, Merax, Venus, SE OM Flyers, and GMC bikes are here. If you are doing racing on the road you definitely need a bike that can withstand the terrain and still get the speed and performance you need. With any sport, you have to train, almost every day. When we train we need the best equipment under our butts. Ok, enough said, let me show you some bikes I am talking about.

Biking With The Best

SE So Cal Flyer 24″ BMX Bike for 2018

1 – Best SE So Cal Flyer 24″ BMX Bike for 2018

by SE      
This bike is so new that it only has 1 review so far.
Include assembly for only $79.20

  • A Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Floral Tubing Frame
  • With SE 3-pc Cr-Mo, 180mm, Euro-Sealed Bearing Bottom Bracket, 39T SE Sprocket
  • And The SE Landing Gear Fork with
  • This additional SE Pad set and Number Plate

This bike shows off everywhere you take it. Being equipped with a 6061 Aluminum Floral Tubing Frame and 24″ wheels. Many people mistake this bike as a custom-built piece of work. It has an ideal design and the price still remains within reach. Ride through the town or do wheelies down the street. This bike is ready for you.

Extra’s for the SE Bike:
SE Bikes Wing Grips Bundle 2 items: SE Wing Grips with SE Wing Donuts

  • This bundle includes 2 Item: 1 SE Wing Grip, 1 SE Wing Donut
  • With a SE Wing Grip: Comfortable Kraton Rubber, 135mm Length, Includes Rubber SE Bar Ends
  • Including SE Wing Donuts: Made from neoprene foam, 5mm thick
  • Color: Blue

SE Bikes Flyer Seat Bundle 3 items: SE Flyer Seat with SE Wing Grips with SE Wing Donuts

  • This bundle includes 3 Item: 1 SE Flyer Seat, 1 SE Wing Grip, 1 SE Wing Donut
  • With a SE Flyer Seat: Comfort padded seat cover, 8mm chrome plated steel rails, Protective bumper guards, Integrated bottle opener attached to saddle rails
  • Also with SE Wing Grip: Comfortable Kraton Rubber, 135mm Length, Includes Rubber SE Bar Ends
  • Including SE Wing Donuts: Made from neoprene foam, 5mm thick
  • Color: Blue


SE OM Flyer 26″ BMX Bike for 2018

2 – Best SE OM Flyer 26″ BMX Bike for 2018

by SE    

This bike also is so new there are no reviews yet.
Add FREE Professional Bike Assembly

  • Full Cr-Mo retro OM Flyer frame design with loop tail rear end
  • Full Cr-Mo Cowboy Cut forks
  • Cr-Mo Big Honkin’ cruiser bars
  • SE 3-pc V-Ridge cranks with SE aluminum SE spider and SE chain ring
  • Double-wall rims with sealed bearing high-flange hubs

For as long as biking has been in existence, this BMX has been a pillar of excellence. This magnificent looking bike is designed and named after Scot Breithaupt. For the past four decades it has captured the dreams of the BMX’s. Being built to last with a 4130 CR-Mo tubing loop tail rear end with cut cowboy forks and a sturdy 26″ wheel. Also, having sealed bearing high-flanged hubs and double wall rims.

The extra’s for this amazing SE 26″ BMX Bike are the same as the SE 24″ BMX Bike


Schwinn Suburban Deluxe Men’s Comfort Bike with 26″ Wheel Bicycle

3 – Best Schwinn Suburban Deluxe Men’s Comfort Bike with 26″ Wheel Bicycle
by Schwinn    

1 customer review to date        Gray, 18″ / medium frame size
Include assembly for only $79.20

  • Schwinn alloy comfort frame with front suspension fork offer a comfortable, upright riding position
  • 21-speed Shimano Revo twist shifters with a Shimano rear derailleur for fast and easy gear changes
  • Alloy linear pull brakes ensure precise, crisp stops
  • Light and durable alloy rims add stability and support the 26-inch tires
  • Elastomer saddle with a suspension seat post softens the ride

As a young boy I was always told that riding a bike should be comfortable, and yet, it always seemed that the seat and handle bars were never right. You deserve a bike that you don’t have to give up any of the comfort. It’s time for the “Best Schwinn Suburban Delux Men’s Comfort Bike” that considers the rider for his comfortable riding experience.

The Suburban Delux features a nimble Schwinn Alloy Frame with an adjustable handlebar stem for a combined perfect upright riding position. You don’t have to sacrifice any of the functional features you are looking for, with a 21 speed Shimano RevoTwist shafters and a Shimano rear derailleur that makes gear changes seamless.

With a Schwinn front suspension fork that helps make the ride steady and smooth. Topping it off with front and rear alloy hand brakes for a secure stopping. Light and strong alloy rims for added durability, a padded Schwinn comfort seat and ergonomic grips. This Suburban Delux has all the features you need. Heads will turn when riding this bike around the neighborhood.


Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Duel Suspention Mountain Bike (26″ Wheels) Red

4 – Best Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Duel Suspention Mountain Bike (26″ Wheels) Red

by Schwinn    

241 customers reviews
Include assembly for only $79.20

  •  Schwinn aluminum full suspension frame with front suspension fork for reliable, responsive riding
  •  24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire trigger shifters and the Shimano rear derailleur provide a wide gear range and smooth shifting out on the trail
  •  Front disc brake and rear alloy V-brake combine for crisp all-condition stopping
  •  Light and strong alloy rims support knobby mountain tires for durable everyday riding
  •  Schwinn alloy crank offers optimal gearing and less pesky maintenance on your end

Having an amazing aluminum suspension frame, which means it is lightweight, and will absorb all the bumps and ruts on the trail. This 26″ Mountain Bike is made in mind for trips you would not believe. With front and rear linear pull brakes for stopping in all kinds of weather, safely and a 24 speed Shimano shifting system for smooth handling of the gears. With the full suspension and 26″ wheels, the enjoyment of riding, cannot be surpassed.

The dual-suspension frame and steel rear triangle are the sports bikes attributes. It comes with Black Anodized alloy rims and knobby mountain tires for all the tough terrain.

This could be how to bring out your wild side. If you are a person looking for the excitement of mountain riding and occasional down-hills then this bike is for YOU. HAVE A POINTING HAND AND FINGER> The approval of this bike is a solid ride that will give you the confidence to get out there and try something new. Owning one of these mountain bikes means you can add mountain biking as on of your hobbies, because no lie, you look like you know what you are doing.

This Mountain Bike also comes with a Manufacturers Warranty

Warranty coverage on the bike frame is good for the life of the bicycle while owned by the original retail purchaser. The warranty on Schwinn bicycle components (excluding tires, tubes and cables) is good for 1 year while owned by the original retail purchaser. And the warranty for non-component parts will be covered by the warranty stated by the original manufacturer. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, any damage, failure or loss caused by an accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, theft or failure to follow instructions or warnings in the owners manual.


Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 speed Mountain Bike with Disk Breaks

5 – Best Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 speed Mountain Bike with Disk Breaks
by Merax Finiss    

160 customers reviews
Include assembly for only $79.20

  • Lightweight Heat Treated Aluminum Mountain Frame
  • 26″ Double Wall Aluminum Rims Wheels for Easier Rolling
  • Shimano 21-speed Derailleurs and Shifters for Reliable Shifting
  • Front and Rear Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Suspension Fork 80mm Travel provides Smooth Bumps and Increases Control. Rotate the fork for 180 degree before assemble the front wheel (the brake will be in front of the bike) .

This lightweight heat treated Aluminum Mountain Frame Bicycle can put the $700 bikes to same. With the 26″ double wall aluminum rims for easier rolling, this could be the bike for you. It has a 21 speed derailleur and shifters for smooth gear changing. Coming with front and rear mechanical disk breaks for smooth stopping on all kinds of surfaces.

The suspension fork 80mm provides an increased control and smooth ride over bumps on a rough terrain. As the bike is assembled, if you rotate the front fork 180 degrees before assembling the front wheel {the break will be in front of the bike}. Not much else to tell about this mountain bike, but there are 160 customer reviews and rates 4 out of 5 stars.


Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike, 700c

6 – Best Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike, 700c
by Schwinn     

131 customers reviews
Include assembly for only $79.20

  • Schwinn aluminum fitness frame with rigid fork
  • Shimano 21 speed EZ Fire shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for quick shifts
  • Alloy linear pull brakes
  • Alloy wheels with high profile rims
  • Schwinn alloy crank

Versatile, lightweight and fast. This Volare Bike is the ideal bike for exercise to commuting while providing comfort of a casual ride but having enough performance to support an athletic training program.

Schwinn has a limited lifetime warranty as long as you own the bike. Having a rigid frame gives you full control and maximum return for your efforts. With a 21 speed Shimano EZ fire shifters with a shimano rear derailleur. Equipped with front and rear alloy linear pull breaks with alloy wheels with high profile rims. Schwinn has an alloy crank as well. With 131 customer reviews, this bike has to be awesome.

Extra’s for the Volare Bike:

A BV Bicycle light set which includes: for only $7.99

  • 5 LED headlight, tool-less handlebar mount, 30-40 feet range, quick-release mount, 4.1″ x 1.3″ x 1.3″
  • 3 LED taillight, angle adjustable quick-release mount
  • 3 modes on each light
  • Weather resistant
  • Up to 80 hours, visible to motorists over 1500 feet away, 4 x AAA, 2 x AAA

They also have: for only $12.97

  • Easy to set combination: 4-digit combination locking mechanisms for keyless convenience with a free mounting bracket for easy transportation
  • Resettable: Easy to set your own personalized number combination
  • Multipurpose: ideal for bicycles, skateboards, gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, sports equipment, tool boxes & ladders
  • Good performance cable: Flexible steel cables for strong cut resistance and PVC coating helps prevent scratching and keeping more durable


Best Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike

7 – Best Giordano Libero Acciao Road Bike
by Giordano    

77 customers reviews
Include assembly for only $79.20

  • Medium fits riders 5’8″-6’0″ with an inseam of 30″-32″
  • Steel frame and Fork
  • 1 1/8″ Alloy Threadless Stem and Alloy Handlebar
  • 14-speed Shimano Tourney STI drive train
  • Down Tube water bottle mounts

The Giordano Acciao (steel in Italian) has the beautiful features of a handmade crafted high tensile steel frame. With a 14 speed Shimano Tourney STI equipped drive train and bringing the light but strong 700c wheels to an absolute incredible value. This stunning Italian inspired road bike packs an incredible powerful punch while not breaking the bank and will always remain a favorite weapon for beginners to novice cyclists looking to speed past the competition. This Giordano Bike is available in men’s small, medium and large sizes. Great to have 77 customer reviews.

A Little About Giordano Bikes

Taking the creativity from Italy’s cycling history, Giordano is focused on providing an admiration for bicycles and accessories with a faultless value statement. Their bicycles and related accessories have the latest advancements in bicycle design and technology. At Giordano’s their goal is to provide everyone with a safe product that will keep your thrill of cycling for many years to come. They only use the best materials they can find when making products that stand out from the others. No product will ship until they are confident they are safe enough for their own families.


GMC Denali Road Bike Aluminum 700c Medium Black/Green

8 – Best GMC Denali Road Bike Aluminum 700c Medium Black/Green
by GMC     

412 customers reviews
Include assembly for only $79.20

  • 21-speed road bike features a lightweight aluminum frame
  • Alloy calipers and alloy brake levers
  • High-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims
  • Shimano derailleur and Shimano Revo shifts makes it easy to change gears quickly and smoothly
  • High-performance 700c tires are up to the challenge of rigorous street racing

The 700c GMC Denali Road Bike is designed for the everyday rider looking for value and performance.  This magnificent bike is built with a light weight 6061 aluminum frame that makes it easy to be hung on a bike rack or carry up stairs.
This well thought out road bike has 21 speeds with drop-bar handlebars, high-profile alloy 36 spoke vitesse racing rims on  28mm tires.

Having nylon pedals with steel cages and being able to stop on a dime with the alloy caliper brakes.  The Denali Road Bike is equipped with a reliable Shimano Revo shifters which let you select gears without taking your hands off the handlebars for added control.

Long rides will feel good on the Butt because of the padded Vitesse saddle designed for comfort. The water holder for your water bottle will help you stay hydrated on long runs.  This Denali Road Bike only weighs 30 lbs. (medium).  Having 412 customer reviews and rated 3 1/2 stars out of 5.


9 – Best Goplus Road Bike, Commuter Bike Shimamo 700c Aluminum 21 speed Quick Release Racing Bicycle
by Goplus      

Goplus Road Bike, Commuter Bike Shimamo 700c Aluminum 21 speed

26 customers reviews
Include assembly for only $79.20

  • Light Weight: Constructed with aluminum reduces the weight of the bike and offers more benefits on quickness of speed. Easy meet the demands of adding the transferring power, doubling the riding efficiency and bringing an excellent racing experience.
  • Sturdy Frame: Strong aluminum frame is up to the terrible road situations and the purpose for stable-riding can be fulfilled. It also provides comfortable and adjustable handle bar and seat post for you.
  • Easy Installation: Quick-Release Front Wheels allow you easy to install, disassemble and maintenance, which enables you for convenient parking and storage. Its reasonable price does provide a high-quality performance of the bike itself.
  • Premium Performance: Maximizes the daily riding enjoyment and provides safe and fast user experience. High-performance 700C tires can solve multiple challenges and problems of rigorous street racing. And the updated derailleur can perfectly meet your demand of everyday happy riding.
  • Colorful Appearance: It possesses five fashionable colors, respectively black, blue, green, orange and red. Its attractive design meets your demand striving for keeping the pace with style.

This happens to be a new product.  It’s an all alumium bike and is acknowledged universally as it strives for speed.  Some of the features of this bike along with its light weight and sturdy frame that can withstand the sometimes terrible road conditions.  The premium racing performance and daily riding enjouyment will satisfy you for years to come.  This bike is very easy to put together and will be convient to park and store almost anywhere.  Don’t hesitate to buy it now!  It will never fail your satisfaction for speed. Since this product is fairly new there are only 26 customer reviews, but claims a 4 out of 5 star rating.


  • Color: Black,Blue, Green, Orange, Red
  • Size: Medium(52cm)
  • Recommended Height: 5’5″-6’0″
  • Frame & Fork :Aluminum Alloy 700 c
  • Material ofSaddle: PVC fake leather
  • Handle Stem:Steel
  • Pedals: Alloy9/16″ with ball
  • Spoke:700C*1.5*14G*36H
  • Front Derailleur:TZ31(Shimano)
  • Rear Derailleur:TZ50 (Shimano)
  • Derailleur Shifter: Shimano A050 Thumb
  • Brake: AlloyCaliper Brake
  • Kickstand:Included
  • Weight Capacity:440 lbs
  • Unit Weight: 32lbs
  • Package Includes:1 x 700C Road Bike 21 Speed w/ Kickstand



Nashbar Alloy 105 Cyclocross Bike

10 – Best Nashbar Alloy 105 Cyclocross Bike
by Nashbar      

1 customer review
Add FREE Professional Bike Assembly

  • A6-SL aluminum frame is stiff, light, and durable
  • FC770 carbon fiber fork with tapered aluminum steerer delivers a smooth, responsive ride
  • Shimano 105 11-speed shift/brake levers, derailleurs, and cassette ensure precision gear changes
  • FSA Gossamer crankset with 50/34T chainrings combined with 11-32T 11-speed cassette provides a wide gear range to tackle challenging terrain
  • TRP Spyre-C-160 mechanical disc brakes for superb all-weather stopping power

Just in time for the 2018 “cross season”.  The new Nashbar 105 Cyclocross Bike provides all the excitement of getting muddy.  The versatillity of this beautiful Masshbar 105 bike is its ability for perfect adventures on or opff the beaten path all year round.
This Nashbar “cross” bike is a stellar A6-SL aluminum frame that is lightweight, durable, as well as stiff.  At the front is a FC770 carbon fiber fork that is tapered 1 1/8 to 1 1/2 akkiy steerer that handles the rough terrain.  The beauty of this bike also has everyone’s favorite parts, such as the Shimano 105 11 speed shifter/break levers, front and rear derailleurs and cassette to ensure the ease of shifting the gears.


Logo-free its hard to distinguish the performance from the higher-priced Shimano counter parts.  The FSA Gossamer crank set sports a 50/34T chainring and when this is connected with the 11 speed 11/32T cassette , you have the gear ratios to fly, as if you had wings.  With the rear 1:1, 34×32 low gear option this bike can fly on flat surfaces but also scale steep inclines.

When it comes to the mechanical disk brakes the TRP- Spyre-C-160 with a 2 piston construction, it lets you control your speed in all conditions.  Wheather its making sharp tight turns on the  “cross” course or riding through a forest diurt road, youare well-equipment to stop in a moments notice.  Also since you have the Vuelta Zerolite Pro alloy wheels which are the bet all year around performers as well as the Kenda Small Block Eight 700×35 tires.

This great bike has 1 review so far but has a 5 out of 5 star rating.


Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Bike Rack

11 – Best Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Bike Rack. (Fits most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUVs.) 

TYGER Deluxe bike rack is a handy and trusty bike carrier with a No-Hassle warranty ! DO NOT install the bike carrier on trailers, campers, RVs or any vehicles longer than 18 feet.

  • 100% assembled. Fits most Sedans/Hatchbacks/Minivans and SUV’s. (Not recommended for vehicles equipped with rear spoilers.)
  • 3 bike capacity with sturdy and handy construction. Padded lower frame keeps bicycles away from vehicle. (Safety strap included.)
  • Individual soft cradles made to protect your bike frame and secure your bikes. OE standard black E-Coating for rust resistance. Foldable carry arms when not in use.
  • Easy installation in minutes. DIY instruction is included in package. DO NOT install the bike carrier on trailers, campers, RVs or any vehicles longer than 18 feet.
  • TYGER No-Hassle Limited Lifetime Warranty!
  • 243 Customer Reviews and has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating




Different Kinds of Cycling

There are a number of cycling preferences. Most people just like to ride their bike leisurely around the area where they live. And then some others will take it further. Some different types of cycling would be:


1 – Road and Race

A Racing Bike is also know as a Road Bike where people are engaged in cycling for transport, recreation, exercise,  or sport competitions . Beside the 2 wheeled bike, there are riding items like the unicycle, tricycle and the quadracycle. Racing has been around since bicycles were first introduced in the early 19th century. Large races became popular during the 1890s with competitions across the United States, Europe and Japan. Since the middle of the 20th century cycling has been a minority sport in the US, but is still very big in the UK, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. The most famous race in the European Countries is the “Tour De France” which is still most popular today.


2 – Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is the sport of riding a bicycle off-road. Most of the time over rough terrain. These type of bikes are designed for the durability and performance for rough terrain. This kind of biking can be broken down into multiple categories such as cross-country, trail riding, mountain, downhill, free riding and dirt jumping Most of the mountain bike riding falls into 2 categories, Trail and Cross Country styles of riding.

The sport requires a lot of endurance, core strength and balance, a lot of bike skills and self-reliance. Most of these riders are looking for steep descents and high incline climbs. In free riding, downhill and dirt jumping are performed off both natural ground features’ or from constructed jumps and ramps.

Mountain Bikers ride on off-road trails such as back-country roads, fire roads, and often venture to ski resorts that stay open in the summer for these activities. Many riders learn how to repair bikes and carry a backpack with water, food, some tools for trail side repairs and a 1st aid kit in case of an injury. Since quads have come out, these places are shared by many.


3 – Cyclo-cross

Cyclo-cross is a form of bike racing. These races usually take place in the fall and winter time. They consist of many laps of short distances (2 1/2 to 3 1/2 km) or 1 1/2 to 2 km). The course features’ pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills and obstacles requiring the rider to dismount and carrying the bike while trying to get around the obstructions and then remount. These races are usually 30 minutes to an hour long with the distance varying, depending on the ground conditions. This sport is prevalent in Belgium, France and the Netherlands.

Cyclo-cross is a mix between mountain bike riding and cross-country cycling. Many of the best riders cross train in the other cycling events. The bikes used for Cyclo-crossing competition are almost the same as Road Racing Bikes, they are lightweight with narrow tires and dropped handlebars. They are able to be differentiated by the lower gears, stronger frames and tire clearances, disk brakes and upright riding positions.

The mountain bikes are also very similar because of the knobby tires for traction and the disk brakes. Being lightweight so the competitor has to carry the bike over rough terrain, slopes and barriers. Unreasonable sections of the race are generally only a small fraction of what the rider has to go through.

Compared to other forms of cycle racing, the strategy is fairly straight forward. Everything is based on the riders aerobic endurance and bike handling skills. A cyclo-cross rider s allowed to change bikes and receive mechanical assistance during the race.


4 – Tandem Cycling

A Tandem bike is a form of bicycle designed to be ridden by more than one person. The word Tandem means a seating arrangement from front to back. Compared to a conventional bike, a tandem has double the pedaling power, but not doubling the speed. It has about the same wind resistance as a conventional bicycle. On a flat terrain and downhill, most of the power produced is used to overcome wind resistance, so tandems can reach higher speeds then a single cyclist.

They are not necessarily slower on climbing hills, even though they are perceived to be, it is all dependent on the physical abilities of both riders.

On conventional tandems the front rider steers as well as pedals and the rear rider only pedals. On most tandems the two sets of cranks are mechanically linked by a timing chain and turn at the same rate. Tandem bicycles are used in competitions such as the Paralympics with the blind and visually impaired cyclists riding as the “rear rider” and the “front rider” has his/hers full sight.

Tandems can have more than two riders. Tandem refers to an arraignment of riders, one behind the other. Some bicycles are made for 3, 4 and 5 riders and called triples, quads and quints. They are also available as tricycles, the conventional tandem trike has a small but devoted following in the UK. Recumbent tricycles are gaining popularity throughout the world.


5 – Track Biking

A Track Bike is a racing bicycle for an outside track. Unlike a Road Bike, the track bike is a fixed gear bike, which has only a single gear with no freewheeling or brakes. The tires are narrow and inflated to high pressure to reduce rolling resistance. Tubular tires are most often used in track racing and training. A track frame is specific to its intended use, with rigidity and lightness. Frames for sprinting seek to maximize rigidity, while those for general racing seem to reduce aerodynamic drag.

A Track Bike differs from one used on the road by:

  • A higher bottom bracket so the pedals do not touch the ground on a steep incline.
  • It has a steeper seat tube for a more dynamic position and a shorter wheelbase.
  • A steeper head tube for more responsive steering.
  • And less fork rake.

Typical track frames are 120 mm spacing for the rear hub. The track ends face the rear so the adjustment for the chain tension is easier to fix. As the frames are generally made of steel, aluminum, titanium alloys and carbon fiber. The carbon fiber frames are the most popular at the professional level. For track competitions, the elements of the bike frame may be tubular or solid, or cast into a single piece. These elements including the bottom bracket shell, has to fit within a template of a triangular form described in an article by the UCI (Union Cyclist International).

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    1. admin says:

      Hello Oneil;
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